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Every Pet Counts!

We are a non profit organization founded on November 2017. Our mission is to help the pets in need in the streets of Puerto Rico. 


We Are...

A non profit organization founded in November 2017 in order to help animals in need.  We organize and promote preventive vaccination and the early neutering and spaying of the pets by creating alliances with the government, schools and communities.
We help those citizens that rescue and care about  pets in need  through our Foster Program where we motive students and families to participate.  

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Our Programs

Through each of our programs we try to help more pets in need.

Learn how YOU can help us save lives!



When we say foster we mean a temporary home for a pet in need. We are not a shelter nor a sanctuary, we are fosters!  Most of our fosters are families who agree to foster a pet in need. A student (authorized by a guardian), a citizen or rescuer can be one of our foster if they are willing to help. The admitted pets in our Foster Program are mostly stray pets beginning a rehabilitation process. 

Responsible Adoption

#AdoptDontShop. Thousands of pets are abandoned in the streets of our communities everyday. Adopt a pet, instead of buying one. Adopting provides great benefits to the pet adopted but even more for the one who adopts. Open the doors of your home and heart to adopt a pet that once was abandoned and/or mistreated! This will be one of the richest experiences of your life for sure!


NFA'S Godmothers & Godfathers

#WeAreAllimportant. When the time  to help a pet in need arrives all of us perform an important role: the rescuer, fundraiser organizer, the veterinarian, the travel coordinator and the adopter. What is your role in the Art of Saving Lives? Become a godmother or godfather sponsoring our programs or a pet in need. There are no small donations when we act from our heart. 

Próximos eventos

  • ChinchorreoX 2020
    ChinchorreoX 2020
    Sun, Dec 20
    Dec 20, 2020, 11:00 AM
    Guavate, Guavate, Cayey, Puerto Rico
    Dec 20, 2020, 11:00 AM
    Guavate, Guavate, Cayey, Puerto Rico
    Chinchorrea with us and help us pay for 1 sterilization of a pet in need.



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