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When we speak of a foster we are referring to a temporary home, it is not a shelter or a sanctuary, but a family ready to house a pet in need. A foster can be a student (with the authorization of parents or guardians), a citizen or a rescue worker, but they must be willing to help.


Pets that enter the Foster Program are mostly strays who are in the process of rehabilitation. Most of the time the foster pet is delivered vaccinated and often sterilized *. The time to foster varies from a week to several months depending on the availability of the family and the need of the pet. We strive so that each foster pet receives all the care and attention necessary to make their stay a pleasant one. We try to deliver each pet with the Foster Kit that includes a plate, shampoo, toy and a blanket, if available. Food is also provided by the organization periodically if requested.

* The veterinarian is the one who determines the treatment to follow for each pet, this includes but is not limited to vaccination and sterilization.

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Public and / or private school student in Puerto Rico: complete your community service hours and green contact hours when fostering a pet in need.

The process for fostering consists of:

1. Complete the application for admission to the program.

2. Coordinate a home visit with the foster candidate and determine the time.

3. When completing the hours, the documents required by the Puerto Rico Department of Education are signed.



It is invaluable to us that you want to proactively help stray pets in your community.

National Foster (NFA, Inc.) works as a Foster Program, so under no circumstances will an associate foster become a rescue of the organization. The organization agrees to do everything possible to pay for the expenses incurred in rehabilitating the pet * (basic vaccination or others if necessary), supplying food, facilitating the adoption and / or travel of the pet. However, the organization does NOT have control of the time in which the pet can be adopted and / or admitted to travel. Each request is worked individually.


* All expenses incurred in rehabilitating the pet must be approved in advance by the Director of the Foster Program and carried out in the indicated clinic on the established day.

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